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Providing Fibre Network Services to


What We Do

HBNI is Manitoba Hutterite communities data services provider.  HBNI's fibre optic network provides network services to many rural communities & businesses throughout Manitoba.  HBNI is continuously upgrading its core infrastructure and fibre optic footprint to meet the evolving needs of their members, clients and partners.

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HBNI offers a range of network solutions to residents, businesses, carriers and Internet services providers, including:

  • Dedicated Internet Access

  • Wavelength Services 

  • Dark Fibre IRUs

  • Layer 2 Transport

  • VOIP Services

  • Audio/Video Streaming

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HBNI provides reliable network services to many Hutterite communities and their schools in rural Manitoba.  In addition to providing fibre optic network services to Hutterian communities HBNI also provides rural RMs, First Nations communities, school divisions, towns, businesses and ISPs with reliable & scalable network services at competitive rates. 

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HBNI is owned, and operated by members from
Manitoba Hutterite communities. 


​Our ITV distance education system began in September 1995 with Fairholme, Baker and Crystal Spring Schools and currently serves 33 schools in Manitoba and South Dakota. Instructional Delivery of high school courses is administered by H.B. Community School
exclusively for Hutterian communities. Students are enrolled in their home schools within their respective school divisions and course registration and course marks are submitted by their home school.

HBNI's mission continues to be focused on providing Hutterite Communities with a reliable, scalable, high capacity network services to its members.  In fulfilling this mandate we are also offering & providing the same services and benefits to many other Manitoba Communities within our fibre optic footprint. 

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Our Fibre Coverage Map

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Contact Us

Hutterian Broadband Network Inc.

Box 291,  Dominion City, MB R0A 0H0 

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